MIDDLEMARCH for Book Clubs: E-Books

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The materials for Middlemarch for Book Clubs are now available as e-books for easier use off-line. You can get the ePub free from Kobo here or the Kindle version here from Amazon. if you’d prefer not to pay for a Kindle version, you can download the ePub from Kobo and use Calibre (or the program of your choice) to convert it.

What would you like to find here?

Middlemarch for Book Clubs is supposed to be encouraging, supportive, and interesting for readers–especially, though not exclusively, readers coming to Middlemarch for the first time who are hoping to have a good experience discussing the novel with the other members of their book group. But every reader, and every book group, is different, and I don’t expect I have anticipated all the information someone might want or all the questions someone might have. Please feel free to leave suggestions or requests for the site in the comments to this post.

I will also post questions for discussion here from time to time: if you aren’t in a book club, or if your own book club has moved on but you feel you aren’t done talking about Middlemarch, maybe we can establish a bit of an online community right here.