Online Resources

Electronic Editions of Middlemarch

Complete E-text (Electronic Text Centre, University of Virginia)

Project Gutenberg Edition

Searchable E-text (Princeton University)

Free audio edition (Librivox)

BBC Radio Dramatization

Writing and Talking About George Eliot and Middlemarch

Middlemarch in 2019: a read-along blog in honor of George Eliot’s bicentenary

The George Eliot Archive (full texts, contemporary reviews, and much more)

BBC “In Our Times” Podcast (featuring Kathryn Hughes, Rosemary Ashton, and John Bowen)

Arthur Sedgwick in the Atlantic Monthly (April 1873)

Leslie Stephen, from George Eliot (1902)

Henry James on Middlemarch in Galaxy (1873)

Virginia Woolf, “George Eliot” (0riginally published in the TLS in 1919)

A. S. Byatt, “Rereading: Middlemarch” (The Guardian, August 4, 2007)


Stephen Burt, “George Eliot as Essayist” (Essay Daily, December 10, 2013)

Rebecca Mead, “George Eliot and Me” (The New Yorker, February 14, 2011)

Amateur Reader on Middlemarch at Wuthering Expectations

Kevin Nielson on Middlemarch at Interpolations

DoveGreyReader, Team Middlemarch (as with all blogs, this series of posts appears in reverse chronological order, so beware spoilers!)

LitLovers Reading Guide for Middlemarch

Laurie Winer on Juliet Stevenson’s audio recording of Middlemarch (LA Review of Books)

Rohan Maitzen, “Look No More Backward: George Eliot and Atheism” (Los Angeles Review of Books, October 5, 2012)

Rohan Maitzen, “Her Hands Full of Sugar-Plums: The Miserable Morality of Middlemarch” (Open Letters Monthly, March 2013)

Rohan Maitzen, “Middlemarch and The Cry from Soul to Soul” (Berfrois, 2015)

Online Resources for Victorian Literature

The Victorian Web

The Victorian Research Web

The Branch Collective

NINES (Nineteenth-Century Scholarship Online)

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